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ASEAN Day 50th Anniversary Statement by the ASEAN CSR Network Secretariat

Today, 8 th August is ASEAN Day.

This year, 2017, is also a special year as we, people of ASEAN celebrate the 50 th Anniversary of the founding of ASEAN.

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Myanmar Fellowship Day 5


On the final day, Fellows spent the morning discussing next steps for the Fellowship, including the setting up of an Alumni Network to ensure that the peer learning platform provided by the Fellowship continues to stay alive. Country leads and a 'Class Chairman' were appointed. They also shared ideas on how best to present their key learning outcomes at the ASEAN Inclusive Business Summit in Sept 2017, which will mark the conclusion of the inaugural batch of Fellows.

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Myanmar Fellowship Day 4

best garment brief

Fellows being briefed on Best Garment Factory's CSR policies

Fellows visited Best Garment Factory in Hmawbi to learn about how older companies in Myanmar have been practising CSR, including good practices in industrial relations and employees' welfare, before the onset of "CSR" as a more Western-economic concept. Building trust among workers and managers, being open and incorporating good ideas from workers in production lines, continuous training, providing incentives for optimal productivity and reduced overtime work are some of the ideas which have been applied by the Best Garment Factory. This has enabled the factory to sustain its business despite increasing competition in the garment industry in Myanmar.

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Myanmar Fellowship Day 3


The 3rd day started with a visit to the Myanmar Responsible Tourism Institute (MRTI). Discussions surrounded Myanmar's large potential for tourism, which - if harnessed in a responsible manner - can maximize the benefits for communities and the economy. As the number of businesses involved in the tourism industry continued to grow, it will be increasingly important for the government and other stakeholders in Myanmar to ensure tourism can help empower local communities, create livelihoods, while having a strong focus on environmental protection.

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ASEAN Lecture Series on ''ASEAN-Canada Relations: Anniversaries, Histories and the Future of a Partnership''

The ASEAN Lecture Series features high-level policy- makers, eminent scholars, public intellectuals and business leaders discussing transformative ideas that will shape the development of the region, in addition to fostering a better understanding of ASEAN, and its relations with the international community.

Professor Emeritus Richard Stubbs of McMaster University delivered the ASEAN Lecture on “ASEAN-Canada Relations: Anniversaries, Histories and the Future” at ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute. Click the image for the direct Youtube link. You can also access the lecture, as well as other presentations through the ISEAS website here.

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