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Swedish, PHL companies call for responsible businesses

Business Mirror
Published: 24 January 2018

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ASEAN thúc đẩy thực hiện trách nhiệm xã hội doanh nghiệp

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Vietnam Plus (24 Nov 2016) - Theo phóng viên TTXVN tại Jakarta, ngày 24/11, Ban Thư ký ASEAN và Mạng CSR ASEAN đã phối hợp tổ chức hội thảo về trách nhiệm xã hội doanh nghiệp (CSR).

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ASEAN discusses synergy building to promote CSR

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Viemaz.Com (24 Nov 2016) - The ASEAN Secretariat, in co-operation with the ASEAN Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Network, organised a workshop in Jarkata on November 24 to raise awareness and enhance cooperation among various stakeholders to promote the practice of CSR in ASEAN.

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Integrity key to business survival and sustainability, say company leaders

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Malaysia, MalaysiaSME News (15 - 28 Oct 2016) -  Transparency and accountability are essential for the very survival of businesses. This was the key message conveyed by company leaders at a seminar on business integrity held at Kuala Lumpur recently. Six panelists which spanned top management in SMEs and MNCs presented their thoughts on the importance of responsible business and their own companies' unique approaches in maintaining compliance. For another article on this, please refer to here. 

Singapore companies disappoint in sustainability reporting

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Singapore, Asia One (21 Oct 2016) - More than six in 10 of Singapore's mainboard-listed companies are still not communicating their sustainability practices to their stakeholders, says a new study. And at the rate these companies are carrying on, less than half of them will be doing so by 2018 - when they are required to do it.

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